Dog Walker Certification

Lesson 1: A Scary Story

The Wrong Ring

Here is a scary story: I was at the dog park one day and an owner came up to me. She didn't have heard dog but was just at the dog park - she was walking up to each person adn talking to them. Her eyes were red.

I wondered what she was doing. I saw many people nod and give her a hug.

When she came up to me, she said, "Yesterday, my dog died. It was an accident, but I want to tell everyone I can so it doesn't happen to them."

I bent forward to listen, nearly in tears, her voice was breaking.

"My dog walker, who I have had for four years, who loved my dog Billy like I loved Billy, walked him as he normally did. But when he clipped on the leash, he did not put the leash on the thick ring of the collar, and instead put it through the flimsy weak ring of his dog tags. Billy saw a pigeon and took off after it, getting of his leash. He was hit by a bus a few blocks later and passed away...."

I was crying. I was scared too.

I tell you this story because you need to know what can go wrong if you do not pay attention. Each time you put on a leash you must double and triple check to make sure it is secure. Do not leave the house until you are sure.