PetSHIELD USA was started by a former dog walking company owner in NYC who saw dog walkers who clearly did not know what they were doing and who were putting dogs in danger.

This included dogs getting off leashes and darting into traffic

  • Walkers absentmindedly dropping leashes
  • Walkers walking into traffic
  • Walkers giving so much leash that the dog was in the road while walker was on the corner
  • Walkers with headphones so loud they did not hear a horn of on coming traffic
  • Walkers letting the dog dangle on the leash so long that the dogs were tangled up with bikes and skateboards
  • Walkers with improper harnesses attached
  • Walkers not actually walking the dog but sitting on a bench
  • Walkers allowing aggressive dogs to get to close
  • And much, much more…

If you want to see what the training looks like click here and watch any of the preview training videos.

It may seem like common sense to walk a dog, but there are a lot of risks involved. There are over 10,000 dog walking accidents a year in the USA! Pet Shield USA gives you the piece of mind that you have a competent, informed dog walker. More yet, you have a walker that can also assist with basic training needs if necessary.